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            Getting the beautiful images you want on your computer is only half the battle. Off course in this day and age many photographs remain there and are forever viewed as files on screens, but I do encourage my clients to make tangible prints to share among family or hang on walls. Such prints develop a truly different relationship with the viewers and it is a much more personal photography viewing experience. Think about the opportunities to take a stack of printed photographs and show them to your family and closest friends – what better way to remember the good times you had in Santorini? Not to mention the opportunity to hang some of these pictures on walls so that they would remind you of the good times with your loved one.

            There is one general rule I urge my clients to follow when making these prints and it is that they should use a professional print lab. Print labs are establishments who have specially trained people and professional equipment for handling image printing. They’re something like modern darkrooms – printing a good print from a digital image takes as much skill as developing prints the old way with chemicals in darkness. Do not expect to receive high quality prints if you take your photos to the nearest kiosk. Please do justice to your high –quality image files and spend a bit more on printing – you will not regret it! The main reason for this quality difference is that the professional printers are operated by equally professional people who take care of color grading and the perfect printing settings instead of relying only on programmed auto modes.

            Some of the best print labs that are easily accessible and handle digital files are WHCC and mpix.com in USA and Photolab.ca in Canada. I am sure a quick search online will quickly get you on track for finding the nearest professional print lab in your area, regardless of where you are located.

Remember – great images need great printing! Have fun viewing your Santorini memories. :)

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