Loving Australian-Greek couple wedding photo shoot

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Loving Australian-Greek couple wedding photo shoot

Sometimes our paths in life work in mysterious ways. I’m sure that this couple can attest it. They’re both Australians of Greek descent and they had visited Santorini several times before they were together as a couple. It seems that they taught that the force pulling them back to this island of was the call of their Greek roots, but later they found out that it was something more than that. They were meant to meet each other sooner or later! I was glad to hear their story and capture some of their magic in photo session in Imerovigli and Oia. I was touched to feel the strong bond between them and their love really filled the air around them. They really look good on camera (and in life, no doubt) — their style really compliments them. For the first part of session she wore a stunning wedding dress and he had a really elegant suit.
Their story proves that our lives are full of wonders and anything can happen, only if we open our hearts!

Santorini-post-wedding-shoot-honeymoon-destination-photo-session-003 Santorini-post-wedding-shoot-honeymoon-destination-photo-session-006 Santorini-post-wedding-shoot-honeymoon-destination-photo-session-004 Santorini-honeymoon-destination-photo-shoot-by-Anna-Sulte-001 Santorini-honeymoon-destination-photo-shoot-by-Anna-Sulte-002 Santorini-honeymoon-destination-photo-shoot-by-Anna-Sulte-003 Santorini-sunset-photo-shoot-in-oia-thera-island-summer-travel-experience-001 Santorini-honeymoon-destination-photo-shoot-by-Anna-Sulte-005 Santorini-sunset-photo-shoot-in-oia-thera-island-summer-travel-experience-005 Santorini-sunset-photo-shoot-in-oia-thera-island-summer-travel-experience-006 Santorini-sunset-photo-shoot-in-oia-thera-island-summer-travel-experience-004

Sunset post-wedding photo shoot by Santorini photographer Anna Sulte
blog- https://santorinivacationphotography.com/
website- http://www.santorini-vacation-photographer.com/
Amazing wedding dress by Steven Khalil –http://www.stevenkhalil.com/

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