Real Santorini dinner. Greek table traditions.

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Have a real Santorini dinner!

Sometimes it is good to leave your comfort zone. I think you have to do so when being in Santorini. Get to know some locals and have a real Santorini Greek dinner! You would be amazed how welcoming and warm people Greeks are. Or maybe you’re about to have a Greek wedding with dinner? Visiting a Greek family? Don’t worry, today I’ll share some basic Greek dinner traditions to get you ready for the occasion.
First of all, no Greek likes to be alone, and, in a way, they apply this rule to food as well — a drink must always be served with some food and some food has to be enjoyed with friends. It is customary for Greeks to have many guests, and it is an honor to have a guest in your home, even if you have just met on the street and he has invited you for a drink. So don’t be shy and play along, be friendly, accept invitations!
Don’t be shy to eat and drink as much as you like, many Greek hosts follow the saying “the food equals affection” i.e. the food is not good if you don’t eat it plenty. So you can actually turn out rude if you don’t have a rich meal. If you do not feel like eating much, it is best to visit in the afternoon at around five or six o’clock when you might be served a refreshing drink, sweets and some pastries.
Be sure to show how much you enjoy the meal and comment on the generosity of the host and hostess. If they have small children, it is customary that you bring a small gift for them, like some chocolate sweets, if it’s not a spontaneous invitation of course. Say a few words about their home, but do not comment any particular item e.g. a vase too much or you might end up receiving it as a gift — Mediterranean people have a very generous spirit .
Other that, just be yourself and open your heart to the Greek people as much as they open theirs for you as a guest. Feel free and enjoy the evening. A spontaneous Greek dinner in Santorini might actually turn out to be one of the highlights of your trip.

 Greek-table-tradicions-travelblog-caldera-view--2 Greek-table-tradicions-travelblog-caldera-view-

Photos by Anna Sulte photographer based on island of Santorini, Greece

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