Santorini VS Mykonos

First of all, I would like to point out that all Greek islands are beautiful and each has something unique to offer and I am by no means implying that some islands are better and some worse. That being said, many tourists kind of regard most of the Greek islands to be the same, but that is far from the truth. Today we’re going to have a look at the islands of Santorini and Mykonos from a tourist’s perspective.
First of all, the beaches. It is no secret that many tourists arrive here to enjoy the a good beach, and the two islands both have something different to offer. Mykonos has a more traditional beach experience; it’s mostly white sand and blue sea. Santorini, however, has something more unique to offer. As it is a volcanic island (i.e. all the island archipelago is essentially hardened lava), you can find beaches with volcanic sand there. That is why you can actually choose the colour of your beach sand — white, red or black. Cool, isn’t it?
Mykonos is a larger island, therefore you might find more infrastructure there — more hotels, more restaurants, more villages, more roads etc. but it they might lack some personality at times. Santorini is a smaller island, and most of the places are still run by their original owners — the island has family run hotels and hostels, restaurants etc. There is also a big geographical difference — Santorini is rather mountainous compared to Mykonos which is a relatively flat island. Santorini has the unique volcanic Caldera which you won’t find in Mykonos. Mykonos is more appropriate for various yachting activities as you can drop anchor pretty much everywhere, Santorini has fewer ports but the villages are set on cliffs, therefore the views from there are awesome (especially during sunsets or when you dip into an infinity pool next to a cliff). There are no cliffs in Mykonos, but due to the fact that the island is rather flat, they have something that is called Little Venice.
I think you get the point. Off course, there are numerous other aspects to consider when choosing your holiday island apart from these, but one thing is for sure — lovers choose Santorini as their wedding venue for a reason, I (and they) think it is the most romantic Greek island. That being said, off course Mykonos is a great place and you should probably visit a couple of islands in Greece to find your perfect spot.
Hope this got you thinking and served as useful insight!Greece-Santorini-or-mykonos-travel

Santorini photo by Anna Sulte.

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