The best place to enjoy Santorini sunsets.

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The best place to enjoy Santorini sunsets.

Sunsets in Santorini, Greece are a big deal. So much so that a lot of people come here mostly to see the sun set over the Aegean Sea and the small traditional houses and the Caldera. Well, I have to say that even I personally find myself just stopping and staring at the last minutes of sunshine even when I don’t have an arranged couple sunset photo shoot. Let me share some quick tips on how to make Santorini sunsets even more enjoyable.
First of all, you can view sunsets in a couple of different settings. You can just do it the “traditional” way and sit/stand in some natural location e.g. the Caldera or the beach; however, that is not the only option. The location of the Santorini villages makes them perfect for viewing sunsets from say a restaurant or your hotel pool. I suggest you try all three options, especially taking a sunset swim in one of the many hotel infinity pools around the island — the feeling is truly magical. Read up on the best Santorini hotel pools here.
Now that we got that coverer, you have to decide on the actual location to view the sunset. The village you choose actually effects the view and experience quite a bit. I you have a couple of evenings to spare, try to make your own sunset tour and visit all the villages! However, if you’re have little time and have to pick a single location, I would suggest Imerovigli. It seems like the obvious choice for most travellers is Oia, and that is why this village really gets annoyingly crowded, especially in the places where you can see the sunset from. Moreover, the view from Imerovigli is actually more unique, because from there you can see the sun set over other islands of the Santorini archipelago so it’s actually more interesting.
Of course opinions differ and Santorini is the place to view some of the most astonishing sunsets!

P.S. If you feel like freshening up your camera skills beforehand, take a look at my tips on sunset & night photography!

That’s it — you should really be ready now. See you in Santorini!


destination-photo-session-Santorini-portrait-shoot-engagement-005 sunset-photo-shoot-Santorini-Thera-island-caldera-amazing-greece-007 Sunset-photo-shoot-Santorini-photographer-destination-002-


Thank you amazing Romina and Parsa!

Santorini photo shoot by Anna Sulte 2015.

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