I’ve noticed that a lot of people want to capture the magnificent sunsets and nights that cover the small Greek villages when visiting Santorini. Photographing low lit areas can be challenging, so I figure I could give you some quick tips. Off course, the technical possibilities of tourists differ and not all my readers are very much into the technicalities of photography, so I will try to stick to the basics and not trouble you with difficult terms this time J To my mind, it all comes down to three rules:

  1. Think ahead

Sunsets are very brief, actually. That’s why the best photographs come out of good planning. Scope some interesting places while walking around Santorini, notice where the sun sets. Try to make a mental list of the places that might look awesome in sunset or night-time. Off course, the colours are wonderful anywhere during these times of day, but the reality is that the colours themselves are rather boring – you need to find buildings, streets, beaches, trees or anything else to have something more in the shot. Photography is also a mental process; the more you invest preparing the shot, the better the odds of you nailing it.Sunset in Santorini

  1. Keep your camera steadySantorini Church in Sunset

A tripod works best. If you do not have one, try putting your camera down on a ledge, the roof of your car or any other flat surface and using a timer to take you shots. If that’s not possible, try leaning against something and keep your hands as still as possible. That being said, investing in a tripod really goes a long way. Even a small tabletripod can save your shot sometimes if you find the right spot to place it.

  1. Play around with the settings

Depending on the camera you’re using, you still can improve your shots if they still turn out blurry. If you’re using a simpler point-and-shoot camera, try looking up a night photography or sunset photography mode and hope one of these automatic modes will do their magic. If you have the ability to control the camera’s settings, try a faster shutter speed. Like I said, I won’t get super technical, but you might be able to guess the right settings by just playing around with your camera a bit just don’t lose hope and be persistent! I constantly see people pointing their cameras at something, taking a single photo and deciding to leave it because it does not look good without trying harder. Let me tell you a secret – even professional photographers take loads of photographs and choose one or two perfect shots at the end.


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