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Hello all! Today I thought I should talk about photography from a slightly different perspective. I thought I could share some of the photo shots you mustn’t miss when being in Santorini! Take these as basic pointers and play with these ideas to create your own unique Santorini vacation photo story.

  1. You need a classic Greek street shot (you can find amazing narrow streets amont the whitewashed all over Santorini)
  2. Head down to the port and explore the various kinds of boats. Wander around a bit and you’ll find true gems!
  3. Classic Greek churches. You know — the one’s with the blue dome and bell towers.
  4. The ideal sunset shot is essential! Take a look at my previous posts on the best places to enjoy Santorini sunsets and my tutorial on sunset and night photography.
  5. Take a snapshot of all the amazing food you come across!
  6. Concentrate on the local people; take shots of their everyday life. That’s not only a way to create true and stunning photographs but a way to get a deeper understanding of the culture as well.
  7. Take your camera with you when going out to a restaurant. There’s a high chance that the view is going to be amazing!
  8. You need a good skyline shot, but you’ll have to work for it — the best way to get city skyline shots is to head up the hills.
  9. Don’t forget about the iconic Ancient Greek historical monuments. Every place in Greece has a special historical story to tell and Santorini is no exception.
  10. Animals, especially the animals locals use for transportation — donkeys and horses. They’re just so cute.

 Hope this helps and gets your imagination going! Pack your camera and see you in Santorini!


Santorini portrait photographer Anna Sulte

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