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Santorini does not offer you to experience like it was to be a cave man, but still you can find out how it was to live on the island a while ago when people traditionally built their homes into the caves of the Caldera.

It’s actually possible to live in a cave house. Of course, you don’t have to be scared — this won’t be a survival test. The caves are actually really well furnished and nice. The Santorini people really found the best way to escape from the heat. The most popular cave house renting places are in Oia and Imerovigli, where they have traditionally been used. Two of the most well-known hotel firms offering cave houses are Blue dolphins and Angel Cave houses. Of course, a simple Google search or asking the locals will give you a couple more options. One is for sure; living in this type of accommodation has its plusses. First of all the Caldera will most likely become your front yard, as the cave houses are built into them (which means that you’ll get stunning views all day long, not to mention the sunsets AND the extra of a sunset hot tub you can take in some of them. Secondly, it is always pleasantly chilly in the caves and it is the perfect retreat because most probably you won’t have any neighbours or maybe just a couple living nearby. The experience cannot be compared to the one of a hotel.

So take a look at what Santorini cave houses have to offer, I hope this inspires you to browse around and maybe go for an alternative, unique accommodation. See you in Santorini!



Santorini photographer Anna Sulte

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