Santorini volcano facts

If you are a reader of this blog then you already know that the whole island of Santorini was formed because of a volcanic eruption. That is why Santorini has the weirdest beaches with black, red or white volcanic sand and the caldera which was mainly formed by solidified lava — a landmarks you will only find on this island. But there’s more — the volcanoes responsible for the creation of the whole island are still here! Let me share some facts about Santorini volcanoes today:
Santorini has two volcanoes. Many people think there’s only one, the most popular one — Nea Kameni — which is located right in the middle of the island. Well, it is the volcano that I most responsible for the creation of the island BUT there’s another one in Oia — Kolumbo. Both are worth seeing, and it’s actually quite rare to see two volcanoes so close to each other; this is another special trait of the volcanic island of Santorini.
You DO NOT have to worry about some catastrophic volcanic eruptions! Nea Kameni last erupted in 1950 (and the islanders barely noticed it) and Kolumbo last erupted in 1650. Both volcanoes show some activity by they are far from being deadly or creating new lava islands etc.
Both volcanoes are closely monitored for scientific purposes and they are very important sites for volcano studies. Kolumbo is a submarine volcano and Nea Kameni is a classic dome crater.
The island of Santorini offers not only romantic sites, sunsets etc. You can also dwell into volcano studies if you want, plus every visitor experiences the effects of the volcanic eruptions of these two Santorini volcanoes to some extent — they all visit the beaches with volcanic sand of various colours and are amazed by the marvellous caldera, not to mention that this beautiful island wouldn’t even exist without volcanoes.

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Santorini photos by local photographer Anna Sulte.

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