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You cannot always be prepared for everything, especially if you’re travelling. This proved true for my latest photo shoot couple – Megan and Drew. Their luggage got lost at the airport. I’m sure this has happened to everyone, but the timing was unfortunate — they were on their honeymoon. As bad as it sounds, they took it well, and it even turned out into an adventure — they went shopping and bought everything they needed in the local shops. This means that their photo session is as authentic as it gets! There’s always balance in life, when you lose something, you get something in return. As we walked past one of the most scenic backyards in Oia, the owner approached us and allowed to take some photographs on her property with a view of the famous blue domes/chapels — she almost never does this, and the location is amazing!

I’m glad that everything turned out great at the ends, and I think that the couple bonded even more after solving their first problems as a married couple. I wish you both the best and I hope to meet you again!

Destination-photo-session-Santorini-dream-island-trip-003 Destination-photo-session-Santorini-dream-island-trip-001 Honeymoon-in-Santorini-photo-shoot-lifestyle-portrait-002 Destination-photo-session-Santorini-dream-island-trip-002 Honeymoon-in-Santorini-photo-shoot-lifestyle-portrait-003 Honeymoon-in-Santorini-photo-shoot-lifestyle-portrait-001 Santorini-Sunset-photo-shoot-Post-Wedding-Portrait-Shoot-001 Destination-photo-session-Santorini-dream-island-trip-007 Santorini-Sunset-photo-shoot-Post-Wedding-Portrait-Shoot-002 Santorini-Sunset-photo-shoot-Post-Wedding-Portrait-Shoot-003

Photo shoot in Oia and Imerovigli by Santorini photographer Anna Sulte 2015.

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