To start off I must say that there are tons of wedding venues in Santorini, Greece. You really can find any type of venue for any kind of wedding ideas you might have. This is just a small list to get you started. So here goes:

  1. First of all, all of the island could potentially become your wedding venue, especially if you’re eloping. Couples who want an intimate ceremony often choose to get married on the caldera or in a remote beach etc. only with a couple of their closest friends or no guests at all.
  2. The second option is to choose one the hotels available in Santorini. Almost every hotel here has a wedding venue offer, so you can really browse around and find your perfect place for the occasion. Here’s my post on the five things your perfect Santorini hotel should have to get you started.
  3. The third option is to choose one of the wedding organisers working on the island. They have years of experience in finding wedding venues to suit every need. If you choose this option, you will only need to know the number of guests and the type of ceremony you prefer (relaxed or formal etc.). These agencies could potentially get you into some private property which would be hard to reach otherwise.

So these are your three main options when it comes to choosing a wedding venue in Santorini, Greece. All in all, it helps if you just ask around and explore your options before settling for a concrete venue, so you could consider all three of these options before your final decision.

Hope this helps to clear it up a bit and good luck with your wedding plans!


This amazing couple got engaged here in Santorini. He planed to do his surprise proposal in romantic Oia village.
Thank you Jon and Ming for such a joyful photo shoot.

Santorini-lifestyle-photographer-Oia-photoshoot-pre-wedding-{Sequence # (001)»}-7 Santorini-wedding-venue-married-with-caldera-view-005 Santorini-lifestyle-photographer-Oia-photoshoot-pre-wedding-{Sequence # (001)»}-11
Santorini-wedding-venue-married-with-caldera-view-002Santorini-lifestyle-photographer-Oia-photoshoot-pre-wedding-{Sequence # (001)»}-2 Santorini-wedding-venue-married-with-caldera-view-003 Santorini-lifestyle-photographer-Oia-photoshoot-pre-wedding-{Sequence # (001)»}-13 engagement-Santorini-n-venues-Santorini-photo-shoot-greece-{Sequence # (001)»}-8 Santorini-lifestyle-photographer-Oia-photoshoot-pre-wedding-{Sequence # (001)»}-6 engagement-Santorini-n-venues-Santorini-photo-shoot-greece-{Sequence # (001)»}-6 engagement-Santorini-n-venues-Santorini-photo-shoot-greece-{Sequence # (001)»} engagement-Santorini-n-venues-Santorini-photo-shoot-greece-{Sequence # (001)»}-4 Santorini-lifestyle-photographer-Oia-photoshoot-pre-wedding-{Sequence # (001)»}-5 Santorini-wedding-venue-married-with-caldera-view-008 engagement-Santorini-n-venues-Santorini-photo-shoot-greece-{Sequence # (001)»}-3 Santorini-lifestyle-photographer-Oia-photoshoot-pre-wedding-{Sequence # (001)»}

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