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Hello everyone! Today I want to make a little list of the main Greek engagement traditions to continue my set of blog posts on Greek weddings and traditions. I figured that some of my readers would like to have a traditional Greek wedding or some elements of them, as some of you are really getting married here. Anyways, your wedding planner should tell you everything you have to know in details, but to get you started here’s a quick list of some of the things Greeks customary in engagements:

  1. First of all, engagements are still a big deal in Greek culture. The engagement period is really the time the two families of the bride and the groom get to know each other. Of course, the length of the engagement period has changed, but it has not lost its importance;
  2. The man must ask the woman’s father for her hand in marriage. This is a big deal, and you really cannot just appear from nowhere and ask this question — it usually involves getting to know all the family of the future bride, and establishing a good relationship with her father beforehand;
  3. Before getting married, the couple must visit a priest at least three times — he will offer counselling and advice related to their upcoming marriage and family life in general. Religion still plays a great role in Greek culture and this is not to be taken lightly. The couple is not considered fully engaged until the priest gives them his blessing;
  4. After you receive the priest’s blessing, you have to throw a big engagement party, this is very often the time when the priest visits the couple and holds a small blessing ceremony with the engagement rings. The party is very positive and the couple receives blessings and good wishes from all the relatives and friends;
  5. On the wedding day, the groom must not see the bride. Although this is the tradition in many cultures, it is super important for the Greeks.

So these are really the basic and essential traditions you have to know. Hope this list helps with your engagement and see you soon in Santorini!


I’m adding few photos from Lindsay and George’s vacation photo shoot.
Sweet sweet Texas people! :)

Santorini-lifestyle-photographer-engagement-photo-shoot-{Sequence # (001)»}-2 Santorini-lifestyle-photographer-engagement-photo-shoot-{Sequence # (001)»}-4 Sunset-photo-session-santorini-fine-art-photographer-location-{Sequence # (001)»}-7 Sunset-photo-session-santorini-fine-art-photographer-location-{Sequence # (001)»} Sunset-photo-session-santorini-fine-art-photographer-location-{Sequence # (001)»}-6 Sunset-photo-session-santorini-fine-art-photographer-location-{Sequence # (001)»}-2

Photo shoot by Santorini photographer Anna Sulte.

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