Sunrise Engagement in Oia — Santorini

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There’s always something unique about every couple. A way they talk, a way they laugh, the way they look at each other. The happiness Jasmine and Rayn bought to our shoot showed me what kind of people I have met, from the first moments of our shoot. The way they hold hands or how they exist together. That really says it all. And there was no question that they were two people who were simply happy together.

All that could be said of this Santorini engagement, starting with – us sharing the Oia’s sunrise – us strolling our way through the little town’s streets, I think the best thing is really the simplest, being for each other – always. :)

Photographer in Santorini Anna Sulte

I’m a Santorini photographer telling stories of love, stories of finding a true connection. Stories of exploring magical places between the mountains and the sea. Please contact me for more information about Santorini Photoshoot and how to prepare for it. :) Let’s talk!

I’ll be happy to be a part of your story, if only for a moment.

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