Santorini Photoshoot with couple from Canada

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Santorini Photoshoot with couple from Canada

There’s just something very special about honeymoon shoots, these happy couples have their times of lives, on many occasions they have arrived from the other side of the world to enjoy Greece’s incredible beauty. The sky seems to touch the sea.

Tamara’s and Dean’s wedding took place in Canada, and they traveled all the way to Greece for their Santorini honeymoon. Two people who I could tell cared so much about each other. Warm-hearted, friendly, fun and up for anything, even climbing some rooftops. This summer evening couldn’t have been any better.

There aren’t many things more satisfying than spending time with people who are simply enjoying the moment. Being their Santorini photographer was a treat.

Photographer in Santorini Anna Sulte

I’m a Santorini photographer telling stories of love, stories of finding a true connection. Stories of exploring magical places between the mountains and the sea. Please contact me for more information about Santorini Photoshoot and how to prepare for it. :) Let’s talk!

I’ll be happy to be a part of your story, if only for a moment.

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