Santorini with Kids. A little Guide to the Santorini Family Vacation

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Santorini with Kids. A little Guide to the Santorini Family Vacation

One of the nicest surprises I’ve gotten during the Covid period was that my previous clients decided to return to Santorini! Back in 2016 we had a wedding photo shoot on the rooftops of Santorini and this year they trusted me with another photo shoot with them and their baby boy Sam.

Santorini is not known for family vacations, but if your baby is as happy as this one, then you can travel to any place in the world and have the best time ever.

Visiting Santorini with Kids

There are, however, things to consider when travelling with a baby or family. Most of them you would probably know, but some of these are specific to Santorini.

Accommodation with kids on Santorini

Many Caldera side hotels have a boutique feel, with intimate atmosphere, cute little rooms and small or non-existing fences towards caldera side, so they do not accept kids, just to be on the safe side.

For families with kids renting an AirBnB could be the one of the best solutions.

How about Beaches on the island?

Santorini beaches have black volcanic sand that heats up so bad in the mid-day sun, but if you choose to go to the beach at early morning or late afternoon, it should be fine. Another good trick is to buy Water Shoes, which will protect your kids feet from the hot black sand

Things to do with kids on Santorini

Go watch a movie at the Kamari Open Air Cinema which offers a unique atmosphere and experience. Or go to the indoors movie theater just down the road. Although in Covid days open air cinema would probably work better.

Kids LOVE water and will definitely enjoy a boat trip to the volcano and a chance swim at the hot springs. Another great option for kids and parents is to visit white beach on the South side of the island, stopping at the hidden little water and time made caves and rock formations And snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea for bigger kids.

Eat local traditional food, like gyros or go for pizza or ice cream.

When kids get tired doing grownup things, just take them to organized playgrounds, bouncy castles, etc… Like any other place in the world we have those too, my favorite in located in Perissa village.

A  stroller and the steps?

 Yes, Santorini has a lot of steps, especially in the Caldera villages. I would use a stroller only on beach villages, where the terrain is flat. Strap your baby in a Baby Carrier and you are good to go.

With a little bit of planning, Santorini can be a treat for anyone! This year I have met a lot of families enjoying our beaches and going on a sunset walk through beautiful streets of Oia.

Here I add few images from the lovely family I had a chance to photograph now in Oia and few years ago in Imerovigli :)

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