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            Even if you’re not getting married here, marriage still brings a lot of amazing couples here to this small love island in the Aegean Sea. This was exactly what happened with Tanja and Xander – they came all the way from South Africa for the wedding of their friends.

            We chose to take some shots of the view that can be found close to their hotel. Yes – you don’t have to spend hours on a trip to get to see awesome places in Santorini! It turned out to be a windy day, which added that little bit of extra magic to the feel of the photo shoot. The fact that Tanja is making her own dresses was like icing on the cake. Of course, we had to have a bit of patience to get that perfect shot with hair and dress blowing in the wind, but it was totally worth it.

            A gorgeous girl in an original dress with her charming man at the Cliffside – it never gets old! They shared a special connection. The one that surrounds yourself with positive and warm energy when you’re around them, even in the strongest winds.

santorini-photographer-anna-sulte-photo-sessions-natural-sweet006 santorini-photographer-anna-sulte-photo-sessions-natural-sweet003 greece-photo-session-santorini-dreamy-lifesyle-caldera-destination001 greece-photo-session-santorini-dreamy-lifesyle-caldera-destination002 santorini-photographer-anna-sulte-photo-sessions-natural-sweet004 santorini-photographer-anna-sulte-photo-sessions-natural-sweet001 greece-photo-session-santorini-dreamy-lifesyle-caldera-destination003 greece-photo-session-santorini-dreamy-lifesyle-caldera-destination005-copy

Santorini based photographer Anna Sulte





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