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            Emporio is the largest village of Santorini, but it has more to it than just its size. It is located around 12 km away from Fira town and yet it has its own vibe and feel to it.

            It is one of the five traditional medieval fortified settlements of Santorini, so it has its own face that can tell a lot about that particular time period on the Greek islands. The look of the village has been very influenced by the tradition to build houses side by side to protect themselves and neighbours from pirate attacks, which were fairly common around these parts of Greece. The placement of the marvellous church of Agios Nikolaos Marmaritis of Emporio is also very traditional – it sits right before the entrance of the village.

            The Santorini village of Emporio can really spoil its inhabitants and tourists with spectacular views, above it lies a mountain ridge of Gavrilos, which hides some mysterious and recently discovered ruins that date back to the Byzantine period. Another rather popular site are the windmills that can be seen when you drive to this village from Fira.

            Emporio is worth a visit for anyone who wants to experience a breeze from the medieval times and how it combines with the modern day island of Santorini. Truly an interesting place with lots of unique views backgrounds for photo sessions!

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