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            I am always up for good surprises, especially if it involves capturing special romantic moments of couples. This time was really special. I had conspired with Lauren who had arranged a photo session with his boyfriend Jon on the spectacular rooftops of Santorini.

            The session went really smooth and it was great to see such a loving couple sharing their energy with the world. Though Lauren had no idea what is about to happen. We’re approaching the end of what has already been an amazingly romantic walk and photo session on the Santorini background when Jon has a suggestion. “I have another pose in mind,” he says and kneels and presents a ring to Lauren. Needless to say that it was one of the most emotional moments any couple could have and I had the amazing opportunity to be the witness of it.

            These images have a special aura that can be traced throughout the session. Keep in mind that Jon knew very well what he is about to do and waited for the right moment while Lauren had no clue. This special energy makes the images truly unique.

            I wish you both the best and I can surely say that you’re up to an endless shared adventure.

Santorini_vacation_photographer-engagement-love-story-sesstion-001 Santorini-proposal-photo-shoot-destination-fine-art-photo-shoot-001 Santorini_vacation_photographer-engagement-love-story-sesstion-003 Santorini_vacation_photographer-engagement-love-story-sesstion-004 Santorini_vacation_photographer-engagement-love-story-sesstion-005 Santorini-proposal-photo-shoot-destination-fine-art-photo-shoot-003 Santorini-proposal-photo-shoot-destination-fine-art-photo-shoot-004 Santorini-proposal-photo-shoot-destination-fine-art-photo-shoot-005

Santorini portrait photographer Anna Sulte 2016.

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