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                 Alright, I know what you’re thinking – why would the Greek island of Santorini have heated swimming pools!? It’s like around +30 degrees there in the summer, right? Well, it’s kind of right, but the tourism season extends well beyond the hottest periods, and there are times when the nights get rather cold… but everyone enjoys a good dip in the water, don’t they? That is why you should take care and find out if your desired hotel has a heated swimming pool (you know, just in case :) ). I have done some research and prepared a small list to get you started.

If you are looking for the Caldera view:

Astra Suites

This hotel is perched on one of the most beautiful volcanic cliffs of Santorini and it really offers a great view for your swim in the pleasantly heated pool. It is located in the Imerovigli village.

Dana Villas

This is another great way to live in extremely luxurious rooms. They have several suites with great cave-like luxury interiors and an unforgettable interior and exterior heated pools and Jacuzzi. The exterior infinity pool offers a unique experience of swimming on the edge of the Caldera cliff.

Aspaki Santorini

This is the real hotel for someone who is looking for privacy. The views are amazing and there is all luxury you can think of, including an amazing heated pool.

Without the Caldera view

Aria Suites

Aria Suites is one of the best hotels in Fira and they have an amazing and big heated swimming pool. They have the Caldera view, but the pool is offset a bit from the cliff.

Timedrops Santorini

The Timedrops Santorini hotel is located in Emporio. As it is an inland location, you won’t find any caldera views here, but the hotel is still great and they have wonderful pools.

Blue Life

This is more of a budget option in Emporio but it still offers great value for your money and that does not mean you will not have a good time :)

santorini-swiming-pool-greece-trip santorini-swiming-pool-greece-travel

Santorini based portrait photographer Anna Sulte



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