5 (kind of) worst things about Santorini

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5 (kind of) worst things about Santorini

            Every places has its pros and cons, including Santorini. However, sometimes the things that may seem bad at first glance are actually kind of a part of the local culture and way of living, and I think this may be true for some of the things on my list as well. So here are the 5 worst things about Santorini, Greece:

Greek time

For a person not coming from Greece, everything seems to be late all the time. Even some stores and cafes keep a very free schedule – they might open an hour or half an hour later, you never know. This is the same if you arrange a meeting with someone. This is a point which depends greatly on your attitude – you can save yourself loads of stress, if you adopt the Greek laid back attitude, and just go for a walk till the café opens or have a relaxed cup of coffee before your meeting.

Public transportation

As Santorini is a tourist hot spot, it really gets crowded during the season. This is actually a rather small Greek island and it is very apparent if you take the public transportation – it seems that it can hardly cope with the masses of people visiting this place. Your transport might be very late and might arrive packed with people. Once again, just breathe deeply and the solution will come to you.

Some bars are not totally honest

Sorry to say this, but it’s true. As in many places with many light-minded tourists, there are possibilities for fraud, and some bars take advantage of this. Just be careful and really think through what you’re doing.

August wind

It gets REALLY windy in August and since Santorini is an island the wind really blows in your face from the sea. All you can do is to change up your routine a bit and dress up appropriate. Flouty skirts will not work :)

Midday heat

Don’ get me wrong, I really enjoy the warm weather Santorini has to offer but during the year there are periods when the midday heat is just too much. When this happens more or less the only thing you should do is either go for swim or to sit inside in a conditioned room and read a book, surf the web for great things to do on Santorini etc. and wait till the evening coolness sets down.

That being said, I kind of think that most of the things on my list make Santorini a bit unique (well, except for scammers!). If you also have some problems like these, all I can really suggest is to take it easy and adopt a positive attitude – it helps for me at least :)


Santorini based photographer Anna Sulte

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