Photo shoot in Oia. Amazing Sherri and Frank.

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Photo shoot in Oia.
Amazing Sherri and Frank.

I was very pleased to have been invited to do a couple photo shoot to try to capture the beauty of them two and the beauty of the island in September. Serri suggested we spend the evening in Oia and her loving man agreed without hesitation. I was blown away by their harmony and the way they complimented each other in every way.

We started our walk at the Canaves Oia Suites and moved on to the Oia village where we explored the seaside and caldera views as the sun set in the background. Afterwards we moved on to capture some shots capturing the village itself — the blue domed churches, the romantic little houses with blue and white doors and the pretty pink bougainvillea flowers that have the best growing conditions here. Of course, the flowers could not be compared to the beauty of this pretty couple. :)

Love-story-Santorini-romantic-photo-session-GreecePhoto-session-in-oia-churches-blue-Santorini-5 Photo-session-in-oia-churches-blue-Santorini Love-story-Santorini-romantic-photo-session-Greece-4 Love-story-destination-honeymoon-photoshoot-Santorini-thera-2 Love-story-destination-honeymoon-photoshoot-Santorini-thera Love-story-destination-honeymoon-photoshoot-Santorini-thera-3 Photo-shoot-Santorini-Canaves-Oia-Suites-Greece-3 Photo-shoot-Santorini-Canaves-Oia-Suites-Greece Photo-shoot-Santorini-Canaves-Oia-Suites-Greece-4

Santorini portrait photographer Anna Sulte.

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