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The Greek island of Santorini has several villages and each one has its unique face and vibe. Today I would like to write a bit about the village of Imerovigli that is located up to the North from the capital of the island — Fira. Imerovigli is a village located on the famous and iconic Sanorini caldera. Since it is in a high place, it was used to overlook all of the surrounding sea. This was done during the times when pirates where raiding these seas. That’s how it got its name; in Latin vigilare means to guard or to act as a look out and imera means day in Greek.

There is a lot to see in this village. First of all, of course the caldera is amazing and you will be amazed at the beautiful views and the way the village sits perfectly atop these rocks. The village is the perfect place for views of the volcano, breathtaking sunsets and tranquillity. A very large part of Imerovigli was destroyed in the volcano eruption of 1956, so parts of the village have been restored and now house some of the most beautiful hotels and traditional houses on the island. Here the traditional and modern have found a way to live nearby. It’s probably due to the clear cut laws regarding building in the village — since it is a Traditional settlement, there are some rules regarding the types of buildings allowed. I must say, this has worked out very well for the village.

As for the historical places to see in Imerovigli, here’s a list of a few: the Skaros rock, Church of the Panagia Malteza (it has a wonderful interior with icons depicting the Old Testament), the Chapel of Panagia Theoskepasti, the traditional hillside cave settlements along the Caldera and the main square.

When going to these, try to soak in the local vibe as well. Just take a moment to sit down somewhere on the busy narrow streets and slow down — Imerovigli and other Santorini villages are best enjoyed slowly.

Santorini-photographer-Imerovigli-church-photo-session-location-3 Santorini-photographer-Imerovigli-church-photo-session-location-2 Santorini-photographer-Imerovigli-church-photo-session-location Santorini-photographer-Imerovigli-church-photo-session-location-4 Photo-shoot-location-Santorini-photographer-Anna-Sulte-3 Photo-shoot-location-Santorini-photographer-Anna-Sulte-2


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