Santorini has its beauty in October, and I’m glad I had the chance to share it with this amazing couple. I was totally on it already from the time when I received the e-mail from Angela. As it sometimes happens, I had the feeling that something special is about to happen. And I was not mistaken. It was really a pleasure to work with such a loving couple. Although the days in Santorini were a bit gloomy, they were illuminated by the love share by this couple. Together they really warmed up the air around them, and I hope that I was able to capture at least a fraction of their special beauty.

We decided to head to a location with three churches in the background. The place truly has a unique look to it, and I thought that Angela and her loved one blended really well in it. The place and the couple together formed this magical moment that I had the honor to freeze in my images.

Santorini-couples-photo-session-greece-chrches-Thera-001 Santorini-photo-shoot-october-fall-oia-village-004 Santorini-couples-photo-session-greece-chrches-Thera-003 Santorini-couples-photo-session-greece-chrches-Thera-004 Santorini-photo-shoot-october-fall-oia-village-002 Santorini-photo-shoot-october-fall-oia-village-005

Photo session by Anna Sulte, photographer on the Santorini island, Greece.


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