Of course, any real adventure seeker would not pass the chance to go on an adventure, but let’s step back a bit and take a look at what this small island of Santorini has to offer. Therasia (or Θηρασία) is the second largest Santorini island after Thera, and it is located in the center of the Santorini island group. It has roughly 300 inhabitants and its land area is about 9.3 kilometres. Here’s an example of what you might expect to see in Therasia (you can either go on a guided tour or by yourself, as the island is small, you will most probably see the same places).

Most people choose to take the boat from Oia (Thera) to Riva (Therasia). From there you should take the local bus to Manolas. Therasia is really the place to take a long walk – start by walking past the Zacharo Rooms to the church of Agios Charalampos – it is a really special and spiritual place with its own energy. From there you can see fantastic views over the caldera and the surrounding areas. Afterwards you can head to the monastery of Komisi, which lies on the Southern part of the island. Then you can head back to Manolas to get a glimpse of what a real, non-touristy Greek village looks like. If you feel a bit hungry along the way, you should take the chance to visit the local baker, who only burns old grape vines for baking bread and you should definitely visit the local shop to get some real tasty fruit.

Continue by walking down the steps to Korfos Harbor and relax have a meal and dip into the crystal clear water. I suggest you get up earlier than the volcano tour boat operators to get a more quiet sense of the island.

So, that’s my advice. Should you visit Therasia? Well, if you feel like having a calm walk, then yes – of course! :)

Enjoy your adventure!



Anna Sulte Santorini based photographer.


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