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That’s it — you have brought her all the way to Santorini telling her that this is just a vacation but secretly you’re ready to ask the big question. I’m sure you’re thought this over a thousand times, but here are a couple of final things to consider before your Santorini marriage proposal!
Where will you do it?
In Santorini, of course, we’ve established it already, but you need to consider the place your future wife would enjoy the most. Will she be OK with it if you asked the question in the presence of many people e.g. in a restaurant? Or maybe she does not enjoy crowded places and it would be more appropriate to do it as the sun sets over caldera of Santorini and you’re all alone?
Would you like to record it in some way?
I would suggest you do. Of course, I’ll suggest photographs as one option e.g. an arranged photographer could follow you or wait you in the location to secretly take photographs as you’re proposing or you could do a quick photo session right afterwards to capture your love spark. As always, there are plenty of other creative options. How about a secret GoPro camera somewhere? A camera in your glasses? A drone? Set your imagination free —nowadays the options are endless! No matter what you choose, I would advise you organize a photo shoot in Santorini — you will eventually need some photos for your wedding invitations and this island is the perfect backdrop for them!
What will she be wearing?
Believe it or not this might be the most important thing. We all want to look our best on special occasions and this is one of THE moments of your lifetime! How do you influence wardrobe decisions you ask? You can’t just say “I’m going to propose you, so war something nice”, can you? Well, you have to be a bit sneaky and come up with clever solutions for this one. A good technique is to say that you are going to an event or a nice restaurant, so your loved one will be dressed for the occasion ;)

THAT’S IT! You’re all set — just take a deep breath and relax. Everything is going to turn out fine, trust me.


One of the funniest and nicest couples from Canada Scott and Nora!
Congratulations guys! :)

Location: Oia


Santorini surprise proposal and photo shoot by Anna Sulte, photographer on Santorini.

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