The short answer is yes — you definitely should! There is a stereotype going around that you should only visit the island during summertime, but actually many of you could prolong your summer if you choose to come here in autumn — it’s a real win-win situation.
Santorini is quite a popular destination that is why you will be able to avoid big crowds of tourists if you visit the island in autumn AND the weather is still really nice — you can enjoy a swim in the Agean Sea and still get a good tan without the intense Greek summer heat. Most people think that hot is good, but actually the Greek summer heat is not for everyone.
It does rain sometimes here in Autumn, but the island still looks amazing even when it’s cloudy (especially the Caldera), you’ll get to see the Santorini differently. Plus, even when it does rain, the climate is still warm and you can do loads of other things besides sunbathing on the island.
Just make sure you pack right. It is still very hot and sunny during daytime, but as the night sets it could get a bit chilly. So you should pack your usual summer gear plus one or two warmer sweaters, jackets or something like that.

Hope this inspires you to come! See you soon in Santorini!


santorini-in-autumn-Agean-Sea-what-to-pack (2)

Santorini vacation/portrait photographer Anna Sulte


  1. I am going there in autumn, more like end of October beginning of November, will check mid October the weather to see how i need to pack

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