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Santorini is a relatively small place. Despite of that, many people don’t take the chance to actually walk around. Today I want to give you some ideas of destinations you can reach without having to worry too much about transport, the only thing you need is a pair of comfy sports shoes.

Let’s start off with a small walk to the Red beach. It probably won’t take much walking, but be ready for some exercise — to get to the beach itself you need to cross a kind of red hill for which the beach has got its name. It’s totally worth it; this is probably one of the most surreal beaches in the world. The volcanic red rocks give this place a unique look.

Hike to red beach. Santorini

Up next is a slightly bigger challenge. You can enjoy a hike from Imerogvigli to Oia. It should take around 3 hours — you’ll have the chance to have some exercise AND you’ll see some awesome sights along the way. Driving from village to village by car is the least exciting way to get around. Have some adventure and try having a walk!

Hike from village Imerovigli to village Oia. Santorini.
The road to oia. Santorini

Although the next walk is a bit shorter, it will be more challenging, because it’s mostly uphill. You can reach Ancient Thera by walking uphill from Perissa. As you’ll be walking up, your effort will be rewarded – the vistas get better and better as you move closer to Ancient Thera! If you’re not going for a record time, you’ll probably reach it in about an hour or so.

On the road to Ancient Thera. Santorini.

You can see that there are lots of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful Santorini nature and have a walk. There are options for those who want to have short have as well as hiking destinations and sporty walks. Hope this inspires you to give it a try. :)


  1. Thank you for this! I will read every singe one of your post for my upcoming honeymoon! I love local bloggers posts so much more than the traditional vacations websites or search engine results! Thank you!

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