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Santorini is really one of the best places to be if you’re looking for a getaway holiday. It is famous for its views, the excellent Mediterranean climate and the small, romantic villages — paradise to escape to with your significant other. It is little known, however, that there are many chances to have more active, adventurous activities on the island as well. Let me give you an insight in the exciting Santorini adventures the island has to offer.

Diving — the Aegean Sea surrounding the Greek island of Santorini is perfect for underwater exploring. You’ll find glorious coral reefs, a unique variety of fish and other underwater creatures and, even some abandoned ships and other underwater Santorini mysteries if you decide to give it a go. There are several diving centres on the island and they provide training as well.

A one-of-a-kind helicopter ride adventure — when you have seen all the sights of the Santorini island from the ground, it’s time to book a helicopter flight. You’ll get a new perspective of the little villages, the sea and the volcanic islands, plus it’s a real adrenaline rush you cannot compare to having an airplane flight.

Take a dip in an infinity pool — you’ll definitely need a special way to relax after this adventure. Enjoy the relaxing water and the amazing feeling of having a swim in a pool which as if ends in the magical Santorini view. Enjoy the warm evenings and your food and wine by the poolside and just appreciate the beauty of life.

Firostefani-Santorini-photographer-photo-shot Santorini-photographer-photo-shot-couple

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