Santorini engagement photos with a couple from California

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Santorini engagement photos with a couple from California

Brandon emailed me regarding a proposal photoshoot in Santorini island Greece, he wanted to surprise his girlfriend and book an engagement shoot in a location overlooking the Calderas while the sun sets. He was committed to getting engaged in Greece Santorini and doing it in a meaningful way, so we chose a quiet village with the most spectacular views of white buildings on the cliffside.
Brandon and Jessie were incredibly happy together. Relaxed, delightful, and up for anything, including climbing some rooftops. This summer day couldn’t have been any better. A set of white, pinkish, velvety tones from the Santorini sunset were the perfect match for this engagement shoot.

Photo of a couple on the rooftop in Santorini. Sunset shoot.
couple sitting on the white roof in Santorini. Sunset engagement shoot.
Ring photo with Caldera view in Santorini.
Couples engagement photoshoot at the blue churches in Santorini Greece
Engaged couple standing at the blue door in Santorini

Photographer in Santorini Anna Sulte

I’m a photographer on the island of Santorini, photographing couples all around Santorini. Please contact me for more information about Santorini Photoshoot and how to prepare for it. :) Let’s talk!

Professional Photographer in Santorini, Greece. Anna. 2022

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