Which island in Greece has the best beaches?

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Which island in Greece has the best beaches?

Going on vacation near the sea choose the beach first, and the accommodation second. It is the choice of the hotel’s surroundings that will improve your travel experience. Wake up and eat your breakfast at sunrises on the beach or have romantic evening walks.

The sandy shores of mainland Greece are beautiful, but truly unique beaches are found
on the numerous islands of Hellas.


One of the most amazing beaches in Crete is Elafonisi. Its pink sand and shallow blue waters are a perfect combination for a romantic walk along the shore. The waters are in fact so shallow that you can walk to Elafonisi island, which is a protected nature reserve.

Image above from Rossilena Tours

Matala (Crete) is a famous sand and pebble beach located in the village of the same name This place is easily recognizable due to a huge rock protruding far into the sea, literally dotted with many man-made caves created in the Minoan era. In the 60s and 70s Matala Beach was the center of attraction for hippies from all over the world, many of whom lived in these ancient caves.

Image above from from Thetinybook

Looking for something more exotic? Balos beach in Crete considered one of the best in the Mediterranean. The sand here plays with white and red highlights. The most incredible shades of blue and green merge in the water, and the islet of Gramvousa with a Venetian fortress makes the whole landscape even more magical. It is, probably, the least crowded famous beach in Crete, as it is accessed only by boat or a car ride and a hike after. There are no tavernas or bars near Balos and no beach amenities.


Santorini island is the embodiment of the scenic beauty of Greece, which also applies to its beaches. Kamari is a beach with black volcanic sand and a very developed infrastructure. All kinds of water activities are available, including windsurfing. There are restaurants and bars all along the beach.

Red Beach is a remote place surrounded by cliffs of red brick color. And just around the corner, you will find White Beach. Both of them are quite small, but they more than make up for that with the beauty of the landscape.


Sarakiniko beach in Milos amazes with white volcanic cliffs, soft as chalk, shaped like sculptures. A deep bay with emerald water near the coast and taking on all shades of blue as the depth increases. Sarakiniko has a landscape that is unique in nature.

Image above by Ferryhopper

If you are in Milos do not forget to visit Agios Konstantinos town with white sand beach Alogomandra beach. Beach with crystal clear turquoise waters, where cliffside is forming small and big caves.

It is difficult to find words to describe the beach of Lalaria in Skiathos. Strikingly beautiful, this beach has become the hallmark of the island and deservedly received the title of one of the most beautiful beaches which have become famous all over the world. Emerald water, snow-white pebbles, and high rocky cliffs attract dozens of yachts with those who want to see this incomparable landscape with their own eyes.


Mykonos beaches have earned the title of the best in the entire Aegean Sea for their crystal clear turquoise waters and golden sand beaches, as well as the highest level of service. One of the most impressive beaches in Mykonos is undoubtedly Super Paradise. A huge sandy bay with clear green and turquoise waters. Once you open your eyes underwater, you will understand why it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

Image above by Vencia gr


And, of course, you cannot talk about Greek beaches without mentioning the Navagio beach in Zakynthos. Who would have thought that an old smuggler’s ship would be the protagonist of thousands of photographs and videos about Zakynthos around the world? The bay in which it ran aground is one of the most beautiful places in Greece, with vertical white cliffs, turquoise waters, and white sand. It is surrounded by cliffs on all sides, so the only way to get there is by boat.

Image above from Zakynthostravelguide

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