How many steps are there? The hidden Santorini stair workout.

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How many steps are there? The hidden Santorini stair workout.

Santorini is a pretty diverse island in terms of metres above sea level. Generally speaking, the coast is pretty steep, and depending where you try it out, getting to a beach can turn into a small leg workout. Many visitors actually enjoy taking the trip down and up, it has become a small hike of sorts. Everyone wants to know the exact number of steps on some of the longest routes down – fear not, today we find out!

Oia village to Amoudi Bay

Amoudi Bay is definitely one of the most scenic walks downstairs you’ll ever take. No wonder that it is one of the most popular walks in Santorini to this day. After it’s impressive 300 steps (some say it’s more like 350-400) you’ll reach a pristine beach of crystal clear water – pretty much your perfect Greek fantasy!

Amoudi bay
Fira to Fira port

Fira port with it’s colorful buildings perched on the Caldera cliffside has the look you cannot mistake for any other place. A Santorini classic for sure, it gathers brave people willing to walk the 586 steps up and down just to be a part of its special vibe. If you’re not feeling like a total body workout and walking the 1172 steps both ways seems like a bit much, you can cheat a bit and get the scenic cable car ride one direction or both. ;)

Imerovigli to Skaros rock

People say the climb from Imerovigli to Skaros Rock is around 300 steps. And boy, is it worth it! The stairs lead on the top of the rock, and for the most part it seems like you’re flying over the Aegean Sea, or are about to take off in a few seconds at least. A very relaxing and zen walk that will leave the biggest skeptics at awe. As you reach the end, you will be rewarded with amazing views that cannot be accessed any other way.

Sure, there are some ways to find out the number of steps online. But can you be sure? The best way is still go there are experience them and count it yourself. And at the end, it’s not about the number of steps taken it’s about where the journey gets you.

Imerovigli steps to a hotel
Anna Sulte photographer on the island of Santorini, Greece

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