The little secret of Santorini – wonderful art galleries.

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The little secret of Santorini – wonderful art galleries!

            Santorini is the place you usually visit to hunt for great sunsets or enjoy beaches, but there’s some ways to get off the beaten path. And today we’re talking about my favorite way – little art gallery tours!

            Santorini has a few secret gallery gems where you can see awesome artwork, there’s even one workshop you can visit and see the artist working. Most of them are small and hidden away in the labyrinths of small streets, so here’s some secret intel of what you should look for on Google Maps:

  1. AK Asimis Kolaitou Art Foundation | AK Art Galleries
  2. Akron
  3. Amphora
  4. Earth and Water
  5. Eduart Gjopalaj Workshop

These should keep you entertained for days, each has their own unique approach to showing and selling art of many genres. What I would do is do a simple Google Maps search of the ones you’re interested in and then use the app create route function and allow it to calculate the best path. And voila, a unique art gallery tour path for you ;)

Santorini photo by Anna Sulte

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