Magical engagement photo shoot of Jenny and Kantcho

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Magical engagement photoshoot of Jenny and Kantcho

            One of the perks of my job is getting to meet lovely couples that remind me once again that love stands over all. This time I met the recently the amazing Jenny and Kantcho from Canada who had planned a destination photo shoot while they were staying at the beautiful island of Santorini after their engagement.

            Although the weather wasn’t exactly the kind you would expect from a sunset photoshoot at the Santorini caldera, the fact that it was rather cloudy really made for very interesting and magical light that looked perfectly with her gorgeous dress and his light blue shirt.

            Or maybe the thing that made the photo session was their special connection – they had an aura of peace and love around them which no weather could influence.

Santorini-photo-shoot-relaxed-natural-soft-couples-session-Anna-Sulte-002 Santorini-photo-shoot-relaxed-natural-soft-couples-session-Anna-Sulte-003 Santorini-photo-shoot-relaxed-natural-soft-couples-session-Anna-Sulte-001 Santorini-photo-shoot-relaxed-natural-soft-couples-session-Anna-Sulte-006 Santorini-photo-session-greece-engagement-shoot-love-story-006 Santorini-photo-session-greece-engagement-shoot-love-story-004 Santorini-photo-session-greece-engagement-shoot-love-story-002 Santorini-photo-session-greece-engagement-shoot-love-story-003 Night-photo-shoot-Santorini-sunset-vacation-shoot-001 Night-photo-shoot-Santorini-sunset-vacation-shoot-002

Photo session by local Santorini photographer Anna Sulte.

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