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            The other day I was once again a witness of a truly special event in the life of this loving couple. They were staying at the Alta Vista Hotel in Firostefani, so we taught we need to take the chance to explore the beautiful territory around it instead of going to the Santorini Heart as planned before, and it turned out to be the perfect decision!

            Nitin had prepared the perfect surprise. Although all their bags got lost in the airport, he suggested they forget about it and have a walk to the restaurant. Little did she know that he had kept the most precious item in his pocket all the time. When the right moment came as they were walking along the stunning Santorini views in the background, he kneeled and presented her with the most magnificent sapphire ring.

            The truthfulness of the moment could not be faked in any way. I love how I get to be the witness of such life changing events and document them. It was truly my pleasure!

Santorini-caldera-couples-session-destination-proposal-location-006 proposal-shoot-in-Santorini-engagement-ring-greece-004- proposal-shoot-in-Santorini-engagement-greece-002 Santorini-engagement-photo-session-love-story-002 Santorini-engagement-photo-session-love-story-001 Santorini-caldera-couples-session-destination-proposal-location-004 Santorini-caldera-couples-session-destination-proposal-location-003 Santorini-caldera-couples-session-destination-proposal-location-002 Santorini-caldera-couples-session-destination-proposal-location-001 Santorini-engagement-photo-session-love-story-003 Santorini-engagement-photo-session-love-story-005

Santorini engagement photo shoot in Firostefani.

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