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Not only is Santorini the perfect place for your wedding, it is a wonderful honeymoon destination as well. This was the case for this wonderful couple I had the joy of photographing recently. I got a firsthand experience of their romantic adventure in Thera. Laura’s husband had the perfect plan — they spent the first part of the day in the hotel and I tried to stay low and capture the magic between them. Afterwards they had planned a honeymoon dinner in Andronis Luxury Suites. My jaw almost dropped when I saw how amazing they look — she had even brought her wedding dress along! I must say that it seemed that Santorini staged the sunset for these two people that evening, these moments were out of this world! It was clear that their spark is still kindling, without a doubt.

HONEYMOON SESSION IN SANTORINI-destination-romantic-adventure-2 honeymoon-dinner-Santorini-Andronis-Luxury-Suites-3 honeymoon-dinner-Santorini-Andronis-Luxury-Suites-1 HONEYMOON SESSION IN SANTORINI-destination-romantic-adventure-5 HONEYMOON SESSION IN SANTORINI-destination-romantic-adventure-4 HONEYMOON SESSION IN SANTORINI-destination-romantic-adventure-3 HONEYMOON SESSION IN SANTORINI-destination-romantic-adventure-1


Photo session done by Santorini based photographer Anna Sulte.

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