I get it – rain can be frustrating some times. However, if you have a photo session planned on a rainy day, take it as an opportunity to have more creative shots!

I have now prepared for any kind of weather, including those rainy days (which have a beauty of their own). Rainy days in Santorini actually aren’t that bad – you might even think that they’re very refreshing after the heat! Plus, these days open up new opportunities for more expressive and romantic shots! Don’t worry about getting wet, I have prepared for these kinds of occasions and I can bring my umbrella for you!

Be brave and come outside and you’ll find that the rainy days of Santorini are magical. Even more, the rain usually stops very rapidly and after that the heat and bright sunshine returns. Coming to such a photoshoot gives you an opportunity to have a wide range of different photographs.

So, don’t be sad if you see those rain clouds coming just before your photoshoot. Instead, embrace the day and you’ll find that the rain is actually pretty nice. See you soon!

Santorini-Photo-session-October-storm-honeymoon-shoot Photo-session-Santorini-October-weather-honeymoon-shoot (3) Photo-session-Santorini-October-weather-honeymoon-shoot Photo-session-Santorini-October-weather-honeymoon-shoot-1 Santorini-storm-in-October Photo-session-Santorini-October-weather-honeymoon-shoot-2 Photo-session-Santorini-October-weather-honeymoon-shoot (2) Santorini-Photo-session-October-storm-honeymoon-shoot (2) Photo-session-Santorini-October-weather-honeymoon-shoot-Anna-Shulte

Photography by Anna Shulte, photographer located in Santorini, Greece

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