Greece’s outdoor adventure: From rock climbing to kayaking and beyond

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Greece’s outdoor adventure: From rock climbing to kayaking and beyond

Vacation in Greece is not just about laying on the beach or enjoying views from your hotel’s balcony. Thanks to the mild climate and countless beaches and mountains, one can take part in many exciting outdoor activities while visiting the country. From windsurfing in Rhodes to rock climbing in Meteora, here are the best adventures you can experience in Greece.

Windsurfing in Rhodes and Paros

The breeze on the beaches of Greece is not only good for cooling off. It is ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing, two of the fastest growing sports in the country. Adrenaline seekers flock to Rhodes, Santorini and Paros in search of the best wave. There are also many local clubs to choose from where you can learn windsurfing techniques.

Sea kayaking in the Sporades

Kayaking on the islands of the Sporades archipelago is spectacular! Clear blue waters and surrounding green hills form great views for your outdoor activities. The conditions are ideal for beginners, and once you have mastered the key techniques, you will be able to immerse yourself in the surroundings and the calm rhythm of life on the islands. There are many bays, sea caves and beaches with the opportunity to stop for snorkelling and picnics. Make sure to visit the Blue Cave in Alonnisos and the Alonissos Shipwreck on Peristera Island.

Rafting in the mountains of Peloponnese and Ioannina

Greece, with its impressive mountainous terrain and shallow rivers, is just perfect for rafting. Challenge yourself in the mountains of Peloponnese or Ioannina, where rapids wind through lush forests, close to remote villages and under many arched stone bridges. The rivers Lousios in Peloponnese and Voidomatis in the Zagori area of Ioannina region boast especially scenic and exciting white water routes. You can combine that with a hike through the Vikos gorge, the world’s deepest canyon (relative to its width), also located in the Ioannina region.

Rock climbing on Meteora

The Meteora region is an area of unique natural beauty. The rocks here are average 300 meters in height. Climbing Meteora, in addition to a unique experience, gives you the opportunity to feel something similar to what the first local “climbers” – hermits and monks – felt when they tried to arrange their lives on these rocks. Hiking tours of Hermit Caves are also available daily.

If climbing Meteora is not high enough for you, join the Greek gods on top of mount Olympus. At 2,917 meters (9,570 ft) at it’s highest peak, you’ll sure feel on top of the world.

Hiking the Samaria Gorge

A trip to the Samaria Gorge is perfect for those who really love nature and long walks. Don’t be scared of the 16 km (10 mi) trail along the bottom of the longest gorge in Europe! Bring enough drinking water and a camera, put on a pair of comfortable shoes, and you will return from this trip with amazing memories and great photos!

Skiing in Northern Greece

If you are visiting Greece in the winter, head North to Thessaloniki area. The ski resorts around here can compete with some of the more famous European neighbors – with abundant snowfall, good ski schools and cozy little village towns, where you can relax comfortably after a day on the slopes. Stop at the mountain village of Seli, to ski down Vermion mountains or try the more challenging slopes of 3-5 Pigadia, also in northern Greece.

Hiking, sailing, kayaking, river trips… Whether it’s the mountains or the sea, Greece has it all!

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