Top 5 Greek islands to visit in 2023

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Top 5 Greek islands to visit in 2023

Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations for travellers worldwide. A country with a rich history and its many islands, it offers something for everybody, from luxury hotels high on the cliffs of Santorini to the hippie caves of Matala in Crete.

Although the islands all have their own unique vibe, there is one thing they all have in common: romance. Whether it’s the stunning scenery or the fascinating history and culture of the island, every nook and cranny is overflowing with beauty, which is sure to fill your romantic vacation with plenty of memorable moments.

Santorini is famous for its spectacular views, sunsets, wine, and rich history. Incredible beaches with multi-colored sand and cliffs and blue waters will make this island vacation unforgettable. Red Beach is located near the ancient city of Akrotiri. The beach is small and it’s surrounded by a brick-red rock. You can get here by boat or carefully descending down the hill. From here you can take a boat ride to the nearby White Beach. It is usually quiet, with white cliffs surrounding it on all sides. Kamari is a black sand beach where you can find lots of restaurants, water attractions and shops.

After spending a day on the beach you should definitely enjoy a glass of local wine while watching the sunset from one of the numerous restaurants overlooking the caldera in Oia or Imerovigli.

While you’re in Santorini don’t miss the opportunity to book a photo shoot to remember this special island vacation forever. The white washed houses of Oia make for an amazing background for your photos, you won’t find that anywhere else in the world!

Crete is the biggest island in Greece and is located very close to Santorini, with a ferry service connecting them. The town of Chania, in the western part of the island is one of the most popular destination. Its streets, strewn with cozy multi-colored houses, are somewhat reminiscent of Venice. The town has an active nightlife. Tourists can visit clubs, festivals, various shows, etc. Restaurants, taverns, wineries will delight you with delicious dishes and drinks.

If you enjoy outdoors activities, just south of Chania, you can find the Samaria gorge. It’s absolutely stunning, with many breathtaking views. In the eastern part of the island there is a cave called Diktaion (Psychro), where, according to legend, Zeus was born. Huge stalactites and a cave lake make up the decoration of the cave.

Syros is an excellent destination for couples. Although it’s not known for its beaches, it offers plenty of opportunities to explore on foot or by bike, and the setting is absolutely beautiful. The charming town of Ermoupoli has a nice waterfront and a lively atmosphere, with restaurants and shops to explore. There are also some wonderful hotels in the surrounding countryside, where you can enjoy a relaxing getaway from the sounds of the city.

Syros is an excellent alternative to Santorini for those who want to experience more traditional Greek culture. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and there’s plenty of delicious food (including figs, olives, wine, and cheeses) to sample along with the stunning views from most locations on the island.

Naxos is the largest and most fertile island of the Cycladic archipelago. In recent years it has been experiencing an increase in travellers who are seeking to explore a quieter and more traditional side of Cyclades. There are many places to visit here – the highest mountains in the Cyclades, the enticing central valleys, the stunning landscapes of the northern coast and the magical sandy beaches of the southwest. So make sure you bring your international driver’s licence, as you will need a car to explore it all!

Naxos is also famous for its wines and cheeses – “graviera” and spicy “kefalotiri” are amazing! Make sure to try the sweet “kitron” liquor, which the islanders make from local citrus fruits.

Paros offers everything a visitor to Cyclades expects to see: ancient villages, monasteries, fishing harbors, beautiful beaches and colorful nightlife. The capital of the island, Parikia, is one of the crossroads on the ferry routes, so from here you can find your way to almost any other island in the Aegean.

Every year Paros is becoming a more and more popular destination for visitors exploring Greek islands, so if you’re planning your visit in August, you should book your accommodation well in advance. The holiday of August 15 (Assumption of Mary) turns into a magnificent show, one of the most colorful in Greece: brightly lit fishing boats and yachts go out to sea, and everything ends with fireworks, to the delight of both Greeks and foreigners.

With hundreds more islands in Greece you will never run out of destinations for your beach holiday!

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