Santorini Sea Kayak Tours – a different way to explore

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Santorini Sea Kayak Tours – a different way to explore

Sure, there’s yacht tours on most islands, but what if you want to be more involved in your adventure and take a breath from the crowd of tourists? Santorini sea kayak tours are for the ones of us curious to carve different paths.

These tours are usually done in small groups together with an instructor that covers the basics at the beginning and leads the way on the waters. It’s a really nice experience that has a lot of potential for learning. You usually stick to the coast, so that you get some unique views.

By doing a kayak tour, you really get to be up close and personal with some of the caves and rocks – few yachts would dare to go too close to these places and you would have to see them from a distance. You can get a real sense of the volcanic origin of the island of Santorini, and really explore some caverns that reveal the story through geology. Like the different layers of red, black and white sand that forms some of the cliffs around the island.

It’s also a nice and rewarding workout – after the whole trip you will eventually feel your arms from paddling, but it’s definitely worth it. Plus, you can reach pretty sweet swimming spots to take a breath and have a snack and relax.

If you’re up for a nice day of adventure, I would recommend these guys. They start the tour at Mesa Pigadia (this is in the South of Santorini, close to the village of Akrotiri).

Blog post by Anna, Santorini Photographer

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