Santorini has great coffee – here’s where you go to get a cup!

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Santorini has great coffee – here’s where you go to get a cup!

When you come for your stay on the island of Santorini, you shouldn’t compromise on good coffee. Sure, without the big names like Starbucks around, you might be confused where to actually go and hunt for your daily dose. A lot of cafes serve coffee, of course, but it’s mostly the down-to-earth-ok-quality kind. If you’re looking for some more premium roasts, you’re at the right place!

Coffee Island in Fira
Our own Santorini coffee roastery should be your first stop. They roast their own beans and provide the perfect blend for your drink all summer long.

Erotokritos bakery in Karterados
Sure, it might be a bakery, but that’s only a plus – perfect coffee and pastries go hand in hand in Greece. The coffee is on point and bread is off the charts!

Summer habit in Oia
A coffee and ice cream place with its own vibe – perfect gelato and black coffee is always a good mix in a hot Santorini day.

Magic bus in perissa
Ideal to relax after a swim, this place does not disappoint. Perfect for a little chill session and restocking on your favorite caffeine beverage! Absolute must if you’re in the area.

Have come accross another great place? Let me know, dying to check it out!

Santorini photographer Anna Sulte

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