She has always dreamed of travelling to Greece, but she has no clue that we will be visiting the country, let alone Santorini!” – that was one of the first e-mails from Scott. He had it all planned out and I was very honored that he chose me for photographing their very special moment in Santorini. As you might have guessed, I was chosen as the photographer on a very special mission – to capture the magic of the moment of the proposal.

            She really had no idea of what an amazing experience is ahead of her. He had organised a whole Amazing race around destinations in Europe, and it all culminated in this loving and yet fleeting moment in the Espera Hotel in Oia. I was in charge of capturing the emotions of this windy day filled with joy. I must say that the wind really helped give the images that final bit of unique touch as it made the shots as it really helped portray and underline the special moment and gave a bit of airiness to her hair and dress.

Now Santorini will become the place of special memories and I am honoured I was chosen to be the one to capture these moments in my images.

Santorini-proposal-couples-photo-shoot-Greece-007 Photo-session-in-Oia-Santorini-trip-love-story-006 Photo-session-in-Oia-Santorini-trip-love-story-004 Photo-session-in-Oia-Santorini-trip-love-story-003 Santorini-proposal-couples-photo-shoot-Greece-003 Photo-session-in-Oia-Santorini-trip-love-story-001 Santorini-proposal-couples-photo-shoot-Greece-006

Santorini photo session with Anna Sulte.

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