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                I always admire people with passions and I’m always glad to meet like minded people. Olesya is solo traveler and likes to discover the world through adventure. That’s why I was thrilled that Olesya contacted me to arrange a solo photo session!

                I felt that she is a real adventurer — she had come all the way from Dubai to discover Santorini with her own eyes. This was a long time dream plan for her, and I was very glad to capture it in my photographs. It is really an honor for any photographer to be a part of other peoples’ special moments, be it a wedding, anniversary or a very special trip that has been dreamed of for a long time :) .

                This was the first time for Olesya in many respects — her first time in Santorini, as well as her first photo session, so I knew we had to make it special. Together we found her the most amazing make-up artist and hairdresser to make this session special.

                I tried to capture the unique adventurous spirit of her and the magic of the moment. I think that people who travel alone are very special as they really immerse in the local culture and really experience the vibe of their travel destination. I hope that I was able to capture at least a fraction of the special aura around her — the aura of a true traveler.

Solo-traveler-Santorini-Greece-photo-session-003Solo-traveler-Santorini-Greece-photo-session-004 Solo-traveler-Santorini-Greece-photo-session-002 Photo-shoot-Solo-traveler-Santorini-Greece-004

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