The Unique Beaches of Santorini

Santorini has a lot to offer to travellers besides its magnificent small towns with the small white houses typical for the region. There’s something that is overlooked by some travellers – the unique beaches that the island can offer.

To begin with, Santorini is not Hawaii or Florida – you won’t find the typical long white sandy beaches here. Instead what you’ll find dark sand washed with deep blue waters some of them are surrounded by vertical cliffs and rock formations. While other beaches don’t have sand but have volcanic pebbles instead. OK, it does not really sound like your dream vacation beach, but you must give them a chance to understand that these beaches are some of the most unique in the world!

The clear turquoise water and black sand adds an extra layer of weirdness to the look of these beaches. However, they’re not weird in the bad sense of the word, you get an out-of-this-world feeling here, especially if you go to some of the more isolated beaches of the Eastern side of the island like Xiropigado, Vououlos or Exo Gialos. These beaches have not yet been conquered by resorts – you’ll only find a couple of fishermen there. That means that you won’t have to share the original beauty of the black sandy beaches lined with volcanic pebbles and the small fishing ports full of small colourful boats!

 Just remember to pack your towel and some good shoes when going to the beach – you never know when you’ll have to cross a rock to find your perfect isolated spot of seaside.

Here you can view a bit from Kamari beach, Kamari beach from the mountain and Red Santorini beach.

Vlychada santorini Santorini sea. Santorini black sand. Perissa beach. Santorini. Perissa beach. Santorini.

Photography by Anna Shulte, vacation photographer based in Santorini.

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