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            We’ve all been there – coming back from a trip to realise that you have missed out on some great opportunities when you where there. You open up Facebook and suddenly discover that there was this great hiking tour on your destination that your friends have enjoyed etc. etc… today I thought I might save you from this and share some of the things that most often get overlooked while visiting the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece!

            Many couples usually come to the island for romantic adventures – walking, enjoying sunsets and romantic dinners… which is absolutely wonderful and fine, but many times they somehow miss all the other opportunities for adventure dates. For example, you might go diving with your loved one and explore the underwater wonders that this Greek island has to offer – there’s really nothing similar to floating in the crystal clear water and exploring all the fishes and corrals! If you prefer staying on top of the water and not under it, you might enjoy one of the many boat rides that offer to have a different view of all the small villages of the island and have a sea adventure!

            These are the two most often overlooked adventure opportunities in Santorini, Greece, but, of course you always have to keep your eyes open! Start by doing some research before your trip (and make a list of the things you really want to do), but you should always be ready to take spontaneous decisions when you have new opportunities!

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Santorini photographer Anna Sulte 2017


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