Karterados – the village with beautiful cave homes

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Karterados – the village with beautiful cave homes

            Next stop on my Santorini village series is the colorful village of Karterados which is about 15 min walking distance from the capital of the island – Fira.

            This village is quite old and definitely has its own face – the oldest homes are carved into rocks in various caves, the main square has a beautiful traditional windmill, which has become one of the symbols of the village.

It has all the extras you can wish for – restaurants, cafes, a couple of bakeries and even a shopping area with a supermarket as well as a tennis club.

If you walk to the main square and take a left turn after it, you’re in for a treat – this is the start of Steps of Galaios, a small neighborhood with cobble stone streets, beautiful Captains houses and the cave houses for which this village is well-known.

santorini-vacation-photographer-thrira-greece-villages-kartherados-005 santorini-photographer-photo-session-travel-001 santorini-photographer-photo-session-travel-003-copy santorini-vacation-photographer-thrira-greece-villages007 santorini-vacation-photographer-thrira-greece-villages-karterados-002 santorini-photographer-photo-session-travel-004-copy santorini-vacation-photographer-thrira-greece-villages003

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