The Small Gem of Santorini – Akrotiri village

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The Small Gem of Santorini – Akrotiri village

Today I’m continuing my mini blog post series on the various villages that can be found on the small Greek island of Santorini. If you thought that all the exciting stuff has been covered, think again! Let’s take a look at one of the oldest settlements on the island – Akrotiri.

Akrotiri is really a place for travellers, who want to escape the tourist crowds and rush of the capital Santorini – Fira. When choosing Akrotiri as your place to stay, you have to agree to some compromises, for example, there will be less places to have a coffee etc. BUT you’re going to have the chance to see more of the authentic island life – many ordinary Santorini farmers live there and go about their day as usual, without changing much of it to fit the needs of tourists.

Yet it definitely does not mean that Akrotiri is boring or that there are no places to see. First of all, it is one of the oldest settlements of Santorini and there’s a museum where you can see the ruins of buildings that were some of the first ones erected on the island! If you want to enjoy a more relaxed day on the beach, have no worry – the village has the great Red Beach to offer – the contrast of the red volcanic sand and crystal blue water is mesmerising and captures you for hours… just don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

akrotiri-santorini-village-destination-trip-vacation-photographer-004 santorini-explore-greece-trip-vacation-photographer-003 akrotiri-santorini-village-destination-trip-vacation-photographer-001 santorini-photography-greece-story-trip-holiday-001 santorini-photography-greece-story-trip-holiday-004 akrotiri-santorini-village-destination-trip-vacation-photographer-005 akrotiri-santorini-village-destination-trip-vacation-photographer-002 akrotiri-santorini-village-destination-trip-vacation-photographer-003 akrotiri-santorini-village-destination-trip-vacation-photographer-006

Photographer located, based on Santorini.


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