Many of us make these bucket lists of the things to do in our lifetime, and I thought I could give you a few ideas of some awesome things and places to experience in Greece and the island of Santorini. This country has a lot of surprises you might not have known before so read on and who knows – you might add some of these to your list! Of course, Greece has lots to offer, but here’s a few to get you started.

Once in a lifetime experience in the cradle of modern Western culture and democracy – Athens

Athens has been continuously voted as the best travel destination in Europe, and not without ground. This was the home of some of the most influential and well-known European thinkers, playwrights and historians. Apart from knowing all the grand history of the place, you really get a sense of heritage and grandeur when walking the streets of modern Athens.

Visit the unique Greek islands

The island of Santorini is great of course, but it is not the only Greek island with unique character. In fact Greece has around 1600 of them – although a big part is uninhabited, there are still lots to visit and discover! You could include the island of Symi and the island of Syros and the island of Skopelos – they each have a lot to offer and their diversity is amazing!

Fancy a wine tasting with spectacular view?

It might sound simple, but wine tastings in Santo Wines take it to another level. You will have the chance to taste more than 18 vines with great cheese and view to top it off. Wine tastings do not get better than this.

Never stop searching for your next adventure and be sure to add more and more to your list. As Hellen Keller put it, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Don’t stop wondering and I’ll see you soon.



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