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Hello, all! Every once in a while I get questions about the things to do on the island of Santorini, and many of the questions relate to various festivals, celebrations etc. that are organised here. I thought I might provide you with a small list of the celebrations, which you should not miss, if you’re visiting the island at the right time!

Let me start by saying that most of the festivals take place during the summer months,  for example, the Santorini Jazz Festival in Kamari (10 km from Fira) lasts for three days in July and is known all over Greece. This is something you must absolutely experience, you can hear performances of Greek and international musicians there. It is a very special vibe, I think you’ll love it.

Most of the other festivals are connected with the church and religion in one way or another. Easter is very special for orthodox Greeks as well as 15 August — the feast day of the Holy Virgin, which is the largest celebration held in Santorini. The feast is held on the church of Panagia Episkopi. Preparations are done a day before, when traditional food and wine is distributed to the people.

These are the two biggest celebrations — one of artistic nature, the other one religious. You should definitely experience them, if you have the chance. There are some smaller festivals and cultural events, which you can explore: 29 May (feast of Agia Theodosia), 1 July (feast of Agioi Anargyroi), 24 June (feast day of Agios Ioannis), 8 September (the feast day of the Holy Cross), Festival of Megaron Gyzi (in August), Ifestia Festival or the Volcano Festival (August) and the International Music Festival.

Here you go, that is your starter pack of information about the Santorini religious feasts, festivals and cultural events. Be sure to check out all the detailed information about them, as well as ask about the cultural events happening in Santorini in your hotel when you arrive — they will gladly inform you about the hottest events! :)


Old and new Santorini in one picture by Anna Sulte, photographer located on Santorini.

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