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Although summer is near its end, there are still very many possibilities for adventure in Santorini. Today I thought I need to point out some of the active leisure possibilities you can enjoy at this small Greek island. So here comes my small list for all you adventurers:

  • Scuba diving in Santorini
    Santorini is the perfect place to go diving — the blue and clear water is filled with fish and coral reefs for you to discover. You have no idea what the depths of these waters have to offer! Some of the biggest diving centers in Santorini are the Santorini diving center and the Sotiriou diving center; just contact them for further details!
  • Horseback riding (at the beach of Kamari or Perrisa)
    Your look at Santorini will most definitely change if you decide to travel it on horseback! This is a unique chance to have an adventure and experience what life was like when cars had not yet been introduced. An added bonus is that you’ll get to communicate with a real animal and it is a bit less tiring than taking a hike.
  • Boat excursion with Caldera view
    Yes, it sounds very cliché, but Santorini boat excursions are really different — they offer you great views of the whole island of Santorini and you’ll be able to see even the most remote places and sights from afar. This could be a great combination with scuba diving. Those who do not wish to get wet but still want to have a glimpse of the fishes and corals can choose a tour on a boat with a glass floor.

These are just some of the adventures waiting for you on the island. I urge you to be active and look for more possibilities — Santorini has a lot to offer!


Santorini photography with Anna Sulte

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