Learn something new on your trip.

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Learn something new on your trip.

Take a minute and consider why people travel. Yes, it is mostly about seeing new things, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people. See what is common in all to reasons? That’s right –NEW. You can actually enhance your Santorini trip, if you choose not only to travel to places and see them but to learn new things outside your comfort zone while you’re here. Here are some suggestions for your Santorini learning experience:

Why not try Greek dancing out? You can see Greeks dance performances in Perissa in several restaurants, just look for an event called “Greek night”. Very often you’ll be invited to participate, and who knows – you might find out that you’re really passionate for the specific Greek dances.

Try out snorkelling, or even diving. The underwater life in Santorini is marvelous and there are many chances to learn ways of exploring this underwater world. You can start up snorkelling or attend diving courses and have your first diving experiences here!

Take every chance to learn Greek in Santorini! Greeks are very open people and people in Santorini and other places like it very much if you try to speak at least basic phrases in Greek. Learning new languages opens new doors to a deeper understanding of cultures. You could even continue learning Greek and come back after a while to celebrate your progress :)

Be sure to keep your eyes open and stay curious about everything – there are learning opportunities everywhere!



Santorini vacation photographer Anna Sulte.


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